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Company profile:

We are an international technology-leading producer in plastic injection design, tooling, molding.Founded in 1996, we are guaranteed by  the principle of offering comprehensive business solutions for our customers’ outsourcing needs while minimizing the risks associated. We strive to develop long term and strategic relationships with our customers who share in essential core business values.We try to improve ourselves by creating value for our customers. At the same time, we strive to design and produce the best digital accessories with the latest fashion elements.We highly emphasize quality standard and customer experience which has made us excel in manufacturing industry for more than two decades and meanwhile retaining our competitive edge worldwide.We can always ensure the best for your company no matter what industry you are in. Our team of molders and professionals specialize in export tooling and designing, manufacturing parts, sub-assemblies, and full assemblies for a wide array of markets such as consumer,medical, automotive, consumer,  industrial and agriculture.We hold certifications for ISO 9001,TS16949. For more than twenty years,we hold on to the  philosophy of bringing customers the best products and the most satisfying services and will always take this as our motto while striving harder to do better of ourselves in the years to come !

Tooling & Injection:

Tools for export or you choose for us to keep them in-house, our tooling department is capable of building both prototype and production tooling for presses up to 800 tons. Tools can be exported to any country or they can be run on our presses.

Our lead times for production molds range from 4 to 12 weeks, with Rapid molds built in less than 2 weeks.By using Mold Flow CAE automation, CAD/CAM automated machining and automated CMM for SPC (Statistical Process Control): we can guarantee precision tooling and process capabilities meeting high tolerance and strict quality control compliance.

Our Tooling Workshop specializes in manufacturing new and enhanced precision molds, based on the drawings designed by Providence, with professional software including Solidwork®, Mold Flow®, PRO-E®, UG® (Unigraphics), MASTERCAM® and AUTOCAD®.

The molds are manufactured using our CNC milling center, EDM (Electrical Discharged Machine)machines and Wire-cutting machines in accordance with the drawings and specifications designed.  Our CNC machines have precision up to 1/1000 mm.

High precision tooling machinery including: Makino, Morei Seiki, Agie, Charmilles, and Mitutoyo provides a higher utilization of our time and resources to ensure a fast turnaround at a considerable lower cost. Mitutoyo and Zeiss automated CMM inspection machines are used for measurement inspection to further guarantee quality tools.


Skype: wsrubber QQ: 407139139